Three Types of Water Damage and How They Differ

Three Types of Water Damage cited by Taylors Restoration NC and How They Differ

Your home is your single most important investment. But if unwanted water gets to your walls, floors and personal items, the results can be catastrophic.

There are three types of serious water damage and they wreak havoc differently. The response and restoration activities are different as well. The three common types are:
Mold (from leaks) or a storm


Even if the fire damage to your home was minimal, water from fire equipment or rain/snow coming into your home through exposed areas can be devastating. The key to restoration is:
Act immediately by getting an emergency response team in to the damaged area quickly. Further damage can be stopped and will help you with your choices for restoration.
Focus on making things right. Don’t let the severity of the damage fool you. Today’s restoration techniques produce amazing results.


When nature erupts, our homes are often in the way. Waters leaving their natural boundaries can cause major damage. Raleigh often sees such after hurricanes or tropical storms that batter our shorelines.

The primary things to watch for here are safety and structural issues.
Safety focuses on the well-being and security of people to enter a damaged structure.
Structural concerns happen when the saturation of the ground outside is not taken into account when evacuating water from your home. Negative pressures can cause serious foundation cracks and may render your home uninhabitable for a period of time.

Mold or Storm

Mold occurs when unwanted water is not removed from your home in a timely manner. It can cause serious health problems to you and your family. Broken pipes are the most common culprit. However, wind-driven rain can force water in and around window frames, sills and doorways. If the repair that is needed is not done soon enough such water seeping into the framework and foundation of your home, over time can be about as destructive as the two damage classifications above.

Speed of response followed by appropriate restorative services will determine the severity as well the amount written on your check to remove the effects of this water damage event.

Do Handymans Offer Water Damage Restoration

Houston, TX is the fourth largest city in the Unite States and the largest city in the Lone Star State. Unfortunately, Houston also borders the Gulf of Mexico which presents a lot of opportunities for water damage to occur based on advice of It’s important to use a company to repair your home immediately, because unsightly water stains aren’t the worst problems you face.

Black and Green Mold Threats

One of the prerequisites for life is water. When this key ingredient is introduced to secluded areas of the home, is where the stuff is more prone to grow. This problem is even worse for homes with carpet. The padding will hold water even after it has been vacuumed. Restoration companies utilize shop vacs which pull water from the padding before it can set in.

Substantial demolition may be required if significant damage to the has occurred.It is sometime necessary to remove the drywall so the studs can be wiped dry. The green variety is a big health threat to everyone in the home. It can contribute to asthma, bronchitis and a long list of other respiratory diseases. However, black mold is an even worse threat as it leads to respiratory conditions far faster than green mold.

The Differences Between Green and Black Mold

Water damage can lead to either of these health threats, but there is a difference between them. Green mold is gets that color from photosynthesis. This form of mold is more like a plant. It only causes respiratory problems when the spores are inhaled. Green mold is more like plant life, capable of surviving on its own. On the other hand, back mold is typically parasitic, seeking to be inhaled into the respiratory system where it can grow without impedance.

There are over 350 different species of black mold and they can all be lethal to humans. It’s imperative to have these specialized jobs handled by a professional company, because mold follows stagnant water the way night follows day. Restoration is about more than just beautifying the home, it’s a matter of life and death.

How to Determine the Capabilities of Your Electrician

Choosing a good electrical contractor in Raleigh such as to complete your wiring for your renovation or new construction is crucial, but how do you know where to go to find one? Here are some tips to help you choose the best electrical contractor every time.

Look for reviews

There’s nothing better than actual word of mouth reviews from satisfied customers to help ensure you pick a good electrician. Don’t stop at looking for the good reviews, though. Keep an eye out for the bad ones, too. You may need to ask yourself if the reason for the bad review is a ‘legit’ reason, or whether the reviewer just seems to be complaining.

Check for qualifications

You wouldn’t let a doctor operate on you without verifying he actually holds a degree, so don’t let an expert touch your home without verifying that they are licensed, bonded and insured. They are responsible for the safety of your home and family, and a bad  job could cost you big time and put your family at risk from fire.

Good service technicians will be happy to show you their qualifications and put your worries to rest. If any contractor isn’t willing to do this, keep looking for someone else.

Trust your gut

Instinct can be pretty useful when it comes to choosing contractors. Listening to your inner voice can help you pick a great electrician when you need one.

  • Is the he/she difficult to get in contact with? If so, there may be problems communicating with them once the job has begun.
  • Do they turn up on time to your initial consultation? If they aren’t willing to impress you with punctuality to earn your work, they probably won’t be on time once the project has started.
  • Are they willing to give realistic estimates, complete with an explanation of the potential costs? While it’s impossible to give you an exact quote before the job begins, they should be able to give you a reasonably close ballpark figure so you’ll know what you’re getting into. They should also be willing to explain any costs to you, so you won’t be left scratching your head about the bill.

It might take a little effort, but finding a good electrician isn’t impossible. It’s worth taking the extra time to find someone who will do a great job, so you can rest easy with the results.


With Fall coming in Richmond, Why you need you AC Repair soon

air conditioner repairWith fall in the air, it is time evaluate and get repairs to your air conditioning system done, and secure it for winter.  There are some basic things that you can do, but it is wise to have a professional make sure that any ac repair or adjustments are done correctly. Calling a professional before winter’s chill will help prevent problems from arising when you start up your AC unit again in the spring.

Using a  company in the Richmond, VA area will guarantee you receive the type of service and ac repair that is appropriate.

A local professional can make sure the filters in your system are clean, and change them if they are dirty or worn out. Dirty filers can damage your equipment and may even cause it to fail. The professional will be able to tell you the proper type and size of filter you need to use in the future.

Cleaning and sealing your duct work properly, is an important step in keeping the cold out and the heat in, during the winter months. Sealing holes and leaks in the duct work system may be part of the ac repair you need.

Next, the area around your AC unit should be cleaned, and also make sure that the ac unit itself is free from leaves or debris that may have fallen into you’re the unit during the summer months.

Listening for creaking, rattling, or other odd noises that come from your air conditioner may signal the need for an ac repair.  Getting those repairs done now, instead of waiting until you start the ac unit up again in the spring, may ward-off more serious problems that could arise.

Now is a good time to have a professional give a yearly check-up to your unit’s evaporative coils.  The coils need to be cleaned and checked for dirt particles or mold, and to make sure they are in good condition.

If you have your system maintained each fall you may be able to have an ac repair done before it becomes a major repair issue in the spring.

A Repair on your Refrigerator helps keeps food Fresh

refrigerator repairIt’s a nightmare for anyone in Miami: Opening the door on a full refrigerator…only to realize that the food inside isn’t exactly cold. You may adjust the thermostat, turning it down in an attempt to salvage the contents. What happens when this doesn’t work? It looks as though you’ll need to throw out all of your food, just to be safe. Time to schedule refrigerator repair visit website to be sure that your food is kept fresh from now on.

It’s rare that there are no warning signs that your refrigerator needs repair, and if you know what to look for you can schedule an appointment before things get out of hand.

For example, you’re probably familiar with the sound of a fridge cycling on and off throughout the course of a day. If you notice that your appliance is running for longer periods of time or is running constantly without cycling off, this is a sign that there’s an issue which is causing the cooling system to work harder than it was designed to. This may work for a while, but if left unchecked the system will burn out.

If you see frost building up inside either the freezer or fresh food section of your refrigerator, there’s a chance that you’ll need refrigerator repair soon. If the frost is only present near the door seals, there’s a chance the door wasn’t closed properly at some point. However, if the ice you see is forming on the back wall of the unit, this is a sign that the fridge’s defrost system has failed.

If you start hearing noise coming from the unit which is outside the norm, there’s a definite chance you are in need of refrigerator repair. A homeowner is familiar with the sorts of noise that their fridge normally makes and can detect an issue not long after it crops up. It’s never a good idea to ignore abnormal noises.

One way to avoid costly food, and possibly fridge, replacement is to have a technician check out your refrigerator on a regular basis. You can help keep your food safe, too, by performing your own maintenance from time to time. For example, cleaning the condenser coils with a broom on a regular basis will prevent dust and debris from building up and making the condenser work harder. This will go a long way toward keeping your food – and you! – safe.

Stages of Repair for a Sub Zero unit in Miami

sub zero repairIf you love to use sub zero products, there are instances when you will find yourself in need of repair services. Since these are products are made by human beings, they can become faulty from time to time. Therefore, if you are using such products, you will find yourself in need of some sub zero repair services. If that happens to be the case and you live in Miami, FL, you need to find the right experts in Miami who can offer you excellent quality services at all times. Visit website

Stages of sub zero unit repair

Before you can even proceed to seek the services of these professionals, it might be a good idea to first understand the stages that one goes through when repairing a sub zero.

  • First of all, the fault has to be identified by the expert.
  • The expert then does research on the type of fault that they have come across.
  • Once the fault has clearly been understood, they will give you options for the most ideal solutions to the problem.
  • After that, they will quote a price before commencing on the job so that you can give them a go ahead.
  • Then, you have to figure out if there are any spares that are needed in order to complete the job.
  • The experts embarks on the task of repairing your sub zero units.

Of course, this process is not an international or standard unit for all the repair service providers out there today. That is why you need to clearly understand what a sub zero repair service provider offers before you can hire them.

The right experts to turn to when you want sub zero repair 

If need to repair your sub zero in Miami Florida today, there are many experts that you can turn to. However, not all these experts can really offer you the excellent quality services that you are yearning for. Some might fit the bill while others might not.

If you truly want to get excellent quality sub zero repair service, the right experts to turn to in Miami are the Rapid Sub Zero Repair Company. Just as the name implies, these experts work on the job fast. Most importantly, they try to make sure that the results suit your tastes and preferences. In the end, you are left happy by the job that they have done.

Essentials of Sub Zero Repair in you Miami home

sub zero repairThere are many essentials for sub-zero repair services in your home, Miami, FL. These essentials are in terms of increasing energy efficiency in your home and reducing the need for regular maintenance.As the home owner, one of your wish is to improve energy efficiency of your sub-zero appliances. Sub –zero repair enables your appliances to function in an energy efficient way. This is because the repairs are usually focused on the condenser coils, door seals and the heater parts of your sub-zero appliances, these are the parts responsible for energy efficiency in the appliances. Repair of your sub-zero appliances help visit website increase your homes’ energy efficiency in the following ways:

  • When you repair the condenser coils of your sub-zero appliances, you would have greatly improved the energy of your appliance and ultimately of your entire home. This is because condenser coils contribute a lot in maintaining cool temperatures in your cooling the appliance, the appliance is able to use its energy more efficiently than when the condenser has not been prepared. This usually applies to the sub-zero refrigerators which have condensers that help in the cooling. When the door seals of your refrigerator are repaired, they contribute to increasing energy efficiency of your appliance. This is because when the door seals are airtight, they ensure that the appliance keeps cool and thus uses lower energy.
  • Another way in which repair helps in increasing energy efficiency can be explained in terms of the thermo regulators found in sub-zero appliances especially the sub-zero appliances. When this thermostats are repaired in the appliance, they can now efficiently, regulate the temperature inside the appliance. The repaired thermostat helps in keeping the temperature between 35 degrees and 38 degrees. This in turn helps in improving the energy efficiency of the appliance and ultimately of your entire home.
  • Some of the sub-zero appliances have energy saving settings. At times these settings develop functional errors and it’s only through repair that they can be reset. When repaired, these settings are very useful in making sure that you refrigerator can minimize energy usage. This will in turn improve energy efficiency at your home.

As you all know, the sub-level appliances consume a lot of energy. Thus, by repairing them, you can increase energy efficiency in your home. Repair of your sub-zero appliances reduces the need for regular maintenance services.

Sub Zero Repair can boost energy savings in your Miami home

sub zero repairIf you buy a sub zero unit, you can rest assured that you would have invested in a product that will offer you excellent quality service for a long period of time. However, just like any other unit or machine, there are instances when you will find yourself in need of sub zero repair services. When you are seeking these repairs, you need to make sure that you are working with the experts so as to avoid further problems that can result from repairs done by quacks.

The energy saving benefit of sub zero repair

When you seek sub zero repair services, read more, you will gradually get to realize that it will largely help to cut down on your energy bills. A faulty unit is not energy efficient. It consumes a lot of power since the parts are not working as desired. A fan that is clogged with dirt and dust can fail to function well. Again, coils and other parts that do not work can lead to the unit consuming lots of power in order to power it for a short period of time.

If you choose to seek sub zero repair services, you can rest assured that you will save a lot on your energy bills. You need to seek repairs every time the system develops faults so as to make sure that it is working optimally. Constant repairs and maintenance will help the system to serve you for a longer period of time. More so, you will largely cut down on your energy bills.

Where to seek repair services for your sub zero in Miami

If you are in need of sub zero repair services in Miami Florida, you definitely have a lot of options to choose from. However, there is really no assurance that all of these repair service providers can offer you what you need. If you want the best repair service, working with the experts at Sub Zero Rapid might be the best option for you. These are the industry leaders in these kind of repairs and have been in this industry for quite a long period of time. As such, they truly know what it means to offer you excellent quality services.

What to Do When Water Damage Occurs in Your Houston TX Home

Flood Water Prevention

Flooded basements, living rooms and moldy and mildewed drywall are not something you want to have to deal with. Being proactive once the water starts to rise, or better yet – beforehand, can help to save your possessions and your money. The result is it can cause significant damages.

Because of its destructive nature it can be a nuisance and can cost you thousands of dollars in damages and restoration fees. If you feel that your home or business is in danger of being flooded, you want to call your local water damage professional such as Read more so that they can come out and assess your situation and determine what risk you are at for potential damages.

What To Do Before Help Arrives

If the inevitable happens and you do suffer from this type of accident, there are things you can do before professional help arrives. The precautions will keep your home from suffering further damage and should be done immediately. Perform tasks such as:

Using fans to circulate the air so that that will assist with the drying process
Try and remove as much water as you can by mopping or using towels
Prop up all wet furniture, cushions, and other upholsteries
Wipe all furniture as dry as you can get it
Lift all draperies off of your carpet
Open furniture drawers to allow quicker drying
Remove large rugs
Turn on the heat (especially if flooding happens during the cooler seasons)

What Not To Do

Just as there are certain precautions you can take once flooding begins, there are certain things will help you avoid further disaster.

Do not use any electrical appliances (this includes vacuum cleaners)
Avoid rooms with standing water that has appliances turned on
Do not lift tacked down carpets until help arrives. This could expedite shrinkage in the carpet
DO NOT wait to call for help. Damage and bacteria growth can begin immediately, so call for help as soon as you see it water.

The Big Picture

Some of the most devastating can be it sees can be dealt with before it becomes a much bigger problem. Using your resources and learning how to deal with water issues may prevent you and your home from suffering catastrophic results.

For further tips and resources, you can visit HERE to earn about what it costs and how to prepare yourself for the next step if it happens to you.

Why a custom home builder is the best way to become a homeowner in Austin

custom home builders

In today’s housing market, it is extremely easy to find a home that approximately “fits” what you have in mind for your dream home to be. This is even more true in areas where there are a lot of homes on the market and prices are looking better than ever, especially with mortgage rates as low as they are. However, if you stop and consider the ramifications of buying a pre-built home versus having a custom home builder Austin Tx such as residents trust construct one for you, you may actually save money while getting exactly what you want.

Pre-Existing Homes vs. Custom Built.

One of the main issues people have with pre-existing homes, even if they’re brand new, is the fact that some things just won’t be what they want at all. Either the wall colors will be wrong, the appliances in the kitchen won’t be what is desired, flooring or carpeting may be inadequate for your preferences and even room dimensions may not be comfortable. That means you’ll have to buy the home, then commit even more money to renovations and remodeling later. If the renovations are extensive, that could be extremely expensive.

A custom built home gives you the opportunity to select everything from the floor plan all the way down to the drawer pulls in the bathroom. Wall colors, carpeting, drapery, appliances, ceiling textures and even the wood used in the doors are all up to you. If you have special requirements such as the need for electrical outlets in the floor, having a family recommended contractor install them as the home is built is a much less expensive proposition than having it retrofit later.

Other Benefits Of A Luxury Home

Here are a few more benefits you’ll enjoy:

  • Exterior Walls – You’ll be able to select the materials and colors for your exterior walls. This saves replacing siding or painting later.
  • Landscaping – Buying a pre-existing home means you’ll have to redo the landscaping if you don’t like it.
  • Walkways – By having it build done in this fashion, you can also dictate the materials and design of walkways to and around your home.
  • No “Pre-Canned” Design – By choosing a a very specific floor, you can have anything you want as a home design. If you have specific desires, you can even have a contractor utilize plans from an architect, if needed.

On the surface, buying a pre-existing or spec home may seem like a more economical choice. However, if you include the costs of renovations, re-landscaping and other expenses, that may be able to be saved when it comes to the entire project all said and done.